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Koi Varieties

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There are several basic lineages of koi that are accepted throughout the world. Within each category there are a number of subcategories which relate to the way in which colors, scales, or combinations of these are formed in the individual koi.


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General Description 'Kawarigoi' or 'Kawarimono' is the term applied to a koi that can not be classified into any of the standard koi types. Since this is a 'catch-all' maid, a lot of established koi varieties fall under it. An article by Douglas Dahl entitled 'Koi Classification and Judging Criteria' has given a good description of what this large koi category covers. Quoting the article: Seiren on how much white you have Hajiro black with white only on the tail and pectoral fin tipsHageshiro black with white on tail and pectoral fin tips and on games headSci-fi Hageshiro with all white headKumonryu Doitsu koi with killer whale pattern genderbend Matsukawabake koi that changes from black to gray depending on water temperature forming a net black pattern.


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