Clumsy ninja coloring pages

==Story== (The story is told from 3rd person perspective by the ninja clue book. )The main aim of the game is to save Clumsy Ninja’s training partner & friend Kira from Hori-Bull, the antagonist, whose main aim is to find the Dragon Medallion. Kira finds the Dragon Medallion before Hori, but loses it as Hori-Bull weakened her, told in storyline. Clumsy Ninja, Lily, the chicken, the squirrel and the Sensei arrive to the temple environment/area to find Kira and save her from Hori-Bull(Hori-Bull slipped a jelly potion, which makes limbs useless, into Kira’s stew at one point, then threw her sword in the river, locked her in a cart, and took the Dragon Medalion. He then traveled to the temple region, bringing Kira with him. Kira managed to write a warning on one of her diary pages and give it to her squirrel friend, who soon brought it to Clumsy and friends. Clumsy, with the others, also find Kira’s sword. ) . They presently unlock the dojo, only to find Kira and Hori-Bull as stone statues. Upon freeing the duo, a fight ensues. Clumsy deflects an attack from Hori-Bull and catches the Dragon Medallion in mid-air, ultimately “leveling up” and becomes the Dragon Medallion Keeper, earning his Master Suit. Additionally, Kira manages to land a hit on Hori-Bull, knocking off his helmet. Hori escapes though, leaving his helmet behind while the others are reuniting.