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Humbug received generally positive reviews from critics. Jason Lipshutz of Billboard stated that the band “justif[ies] the hype by shifting its best qualities into different, equally dazzling shapes. ” John Mulvey of Uncut felt that “Homme’s role as producer, perhaps, has been to nurture the soundscaping that was attempted on Humbug’s predecessor, and, critically, to encourage a sense of space and stealth. ” In his positive review of the album, Joe Tangari of Pitchfork noted that “Humbug isn’t better than either of its predecessors, but it expands the group’s range and makes me curious where it might go next. It also demonstrates a great deal of staying power for a band that could have imploded before it ever got this far. ” While overall response was positive, the album was criticised by some for not containing the same hooks that the band had become known for, with Spin’s Sean Fennessey calling the album “accomplished, but not particularly infectious. ”