Elmer elephant coloring pages

The short tells the story of a timid elephant named Elmer. In this story, he is invited to Tillie Tiger’s birthday party, bringing her a bouquet of flowers. Tillie loves Elmer, but the other animals make fun of his nose (trunk) and cruelly mock him when Tillie isn’t around to defend him. Brokenhearted by their teasing, Elmer leaves the party and cries in front of a nearby pond. Elmer is reassured by Joe, a nearby elderly giraffe who admits to him that he used to suffer the same teasing about his neck. Just then, a fire breaks out at Tillie’s tree-house with Tillie still in it. The rescue efforts by the other children as well as a monkey fire brigade prove futile. With the help of Joe and some pelicans who resemble Jimmy Durante, Elmer uses his trunk like a fire hose to successfully put out the fire and rescue Tillie. Due to his heroic acts, he won both the respect of the other animals and the heart of Tillie.