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Many of the songs originally recorded with Garrett intended for the upcoming album OMFG were re-recorded with new vocals by Jayyvon. The previous concept of the OMFG album was scrapped, and re-branded as EPIC, set for release in 2010. The band went on tour over spring and summer 2010 to promote the release of Epic. With Jeffree Star they recorded three songs for that album. However, the collaboration was short-lived since during the Looking Hot & Dangerous Tour, Star accused Vanity of being a pedophile and a predator, claiming to have witnessed suspect behavior. Star later chose to go back on his accusations and sweep what he claimed to have seen under the rug and later was featured on their 2014 single “Poison Apple”, from the album Bitchcraft. As with the previous conflict with Garrett, the three singles featuring Jeffree’s vocals were re-recorded with vocals by Jayyvon, and the original tracks were not featured on the final album.