Russian alphabet coloring pages

Consonant letters represent both “soft” (palatalized, represented in the IPA with a ⟨ʲ⟩) and “hard” consonant phonemes. If consonant letters are followed by vowel letters, the soft/hard quality of the consonant depends on whether the vowel is meant to follow “hard” consonants ⟨а, о, э, у, ы⟩ or “soft” consonants ⟨я, ё, е, ю, и⟩; see below. A soft sign indicates ⟨Ь⟩ palatalization of the preceding consonant without adding a vowel. However, in modern Russian six consonant phonemes do not have phonemically distinct “soft” and “hard” variants (except in foreign proper names) and do not change “softness” in the presence of other letters: /ʐ/, /ʂ/ and /ts/ are always hard; /j/, /ɕː/ and /tɕ/ are always soft. See Russian phonology for details.