Wild kratts discs coloring pages

The episode “Polar Bears Don’t Dance”, originally being the pilot episode, (but later being broadcast out of order by PBS from its final airing) features an art style different from the rest of the episodes, and was omitted from the first DVD release. In addition, PBS Kids got out of order with many episode, including “Mom of a Croc” which many fans have accepted as the premiere episode. It is also directed by Luc Chamberland, who did not direct any subsequent episodes, and worked on animated films like Space Jam, Quest for Camelot & Joseph: King of Dreams. Foreign countries seem to get future episodes before the United States and Canadian watchers. The episode “Caracal Minton” was shown in South America before being aired in English.
On October 15, 2012, in the United States and Canada, Season 2 began with 4 episodes. This is the first season to begin with a view of the Earth before the Kratt brothers are shown introducing the audience. This season focused on the Western Hemisphere, including the Central American rainforest, coral reef, temperate woodlands, and the Sonoran Desert.