Zombie clown coloring pages

Ramirez began his professional wrestling career in 1997 as the enmascarado (masked wrestler) “Highlander” working primarily in and around the Tijuana, Baja California area. He some times worked on Lucha Libre AAA World Wide (AAA) shows when the promotion ran shows in Tijuana, but was not a full-time member of the roster. In 2004 he began working more for AAA as AAA owner Antonio Peña came up with a new ring character for him called “Aliens”. The “Aliens” character was that of an actual alien from space who had come to earth to wrestle. He was even given a mascota (a Mini-Estrella companion) called “Mungo”. The odd duo joined up with Madrox and Kriptor to form the group “Los Alienigenas” and worked a feud with the colorful duo of El Alebrije and Cuije. When Peña died in the fall of 2007 the Aliens character quickly dropped as it did not fit with the direction the new management wanted.